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Finishing A Book

I used to read a ton when I was a kid and later, a teenager, but in adulthood reading is a chore. Still, Steven King said that those who can't read can't write either, so if I fancy myself an author, I have to read art least once in a while. So the book I read is called Nerve by Dick Francis. That translates to Russian as courage or inner drive. I thought of translating it verbatim, since Russian does have the word "nerv" (transliterated here) in it, but my Mother said no. Anyway, I did not really understand the ending, where Rob Finn locks up the main antagonist, Kemp-Lore into a unused stable. Rob succeeds in making Kemp-Lore feed a sugar cube to the horse locked into the same stable, but not in riding out on a horse, which would have been more cathartic, given that Kemp-Lore has asthma spells brought on by horses. But I guess that's what made it impossible.

Anyways, I had to go back to understand how he rode on a train disguised as his sister. Still, it's a good book. I couldn't help drawing parallels between the twenty-six year old jockey and my twenty-eight year old jiujitsu-practitioner-self. There are hurdles to overcome for both of us.

I still have a Kung Fu class to attend in the evening. It's always a good workout. Maybe I'll write a bit when I get back home and in front of my laptop again.

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