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What if, late at night, the comet will crash into the Earth?! The bitter question hung in the air. Some thought that it would be better to just die right away. Couples of lovers ran to the gardens, cautiously connecting lips. They wanted to meet the morning in the ecstasy of a kiss. It was worse for the sick, whom no one took care of, except sisters of mercy. What for, if the following morning everything will be finished? The president of the USA gave an order: not to worry without reason. The president of Russia also gave an order: all space objects are to fly and do their business, but not maliciously crash into Earth. The people didn’t heed them. But what will happen if it really will crash into Earth?! A scientist-astronomer looked through the telescope at the sky. He made a note in his journal and grew pensive. On the finance market there was panic. Valuable notes were virtually given away.

 “Hello, gentlemen, my name is Andrey. By nationality I am Jewish. Nice to meet you,” introduced himself a seemingly – intellectual looking young man. "Give on livelihood!" one of beggars had asked. He had no left hand. The stump stood out from under a sleeve.   Andrey had seen ugliness and shuddered. "And what are you doing here among us - beggars, on a scrap heap, sir?" had asked another. “If he is Jewish, then he is probably rich. Came to mock us!”  said the third. "No, of course not. I have come here to live the last hours of this world as it is the only scrap heap in the city where city lights don't wash away from the sky its lawful owners - stars." "Well then here is your cardboard, you can wrap yourself into it like a blanket and wait with us for morning to come," the one who has asked a question had said. Andrey had sat down, wrapped himself in a cardboard and began to wait for morning. The cardboard was a bad obstacle for heat leaving a body. Here the Kid has approached him. "Uncle, I am hungry..." "My name is Andrey. I have no food." "Andrey, I want to eat." Then Andrey had gotten up, thrown off a cardboard, and went to exchange the jacket for a pie. "What do you say?" he had asked the Kid.

"Thanks!" The Kid's face flushed, he widely opened a mouth and sent pie there like a plane into a hangar.

"Sit down nearby, to you it must  be cold!" Andrey said. The kid sat down with him side by side. "You are warm!" the kid had said joyfully.

"Alright now, quietly, fall asleep."

"And you will be living when I wake up?" the Kid has asked.

"Of course", Andrey has said.

"And my parents? They had jumped out of a window for fear of a comet."

"They won't come back to life. Sorry."

"And what is that? The comet, huh?"

"Majestic, isn't it? Watch that orange trail on her."


"Fall asleep."

"Andrey, I am scared. What if I fall asleep and I won't wake up any more?" Andrey hugged the Kid, pulling him close. And, with the singing of birds they had met the first rays of the Sun.

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