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Last couple of days

So last Thursday the Instructor was demonstrating a triangle choke. As I tried to escape he finished it, but complained that I clubbed him over the head with my foot. I said I thought it was his point, that even as I tried to escape he could finish it. He said he was just not going to call me to assist him with demonstrations any more. The other guy he called wasn't resisting. Later, after I went really light with some of the guys, he called me to his office and said he didn't mean to embarrass me out there. He said he was surprised that I clubbed him over the head because normally I am so controlled. I said I thought he wanted to demonstrate he could handle whatever I could dish out and that's why he asked me to assist him with the demonstration. He did finish me with good technique, I have to admit, while my defense was a last resort measure. He said that wasn't his point, and he just wanted assistance showing the move. I was quite nervous about having an argument with my Instructor, but all is well that ends well.

Oh and I need some better triangle escapes, too.

Later, I asked my Mom to come to the club and pay for video lessons which I can view on-line with her credit card. It wasn't terribly expensive, but had to be done in person.

I've since seen them all, but didn't quite memorize them just yet.

This past Saturday I went to the Group and Stretching classes. I felt too dizzy to attend Kicking class. Mr. Raj said he would try the grappling class, and Mr. White wanted to try it too, because it will be part of his curriculum in the next belt. i am gonna ask the Instructor if I can give them a gentle introduction so that they learn basic survival skills and do not get hurt. Grappling is a life long quest. I hope I didn't do wrong by suggesting they try it. The next grappling class is not this Thursday, because it's Thanksgiving, but the next one.

On Sunday I went to StarBucks Coffee with my Dad, after he and Mom stopped yelling at each other. My Gentle and Tender Animal, is what I call him. I played chess on-line at StarBucks Coffee and lost six games in a row, while Dad was studying. What a downer. We ate at Panera Bread; - I had chicken soup and Frontega Chicken Panini. Then we went to the beach and walked to the stone congregation/ridge. Finally we returned home.

I didn't take my medication-artane- until we got there. If you hear voices, you need to take medication to shut them up. Unfortunate, but true.

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