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Making friends at the dojo

I stayed for stretching class this Saturday. One of my training partners, Mr. Anderson commented that I am well on my way to the full split, as he pressed his palms on top of my knees in a butterfly stretch. I returned the favor presently, except I didn't push as hard. Mr. Raj after giving me his very firm handshake said don't mess with Arthur, he is a grappling expert! When class was over, Mr. Raj introduced me to his young son who is going to be attending classes at White dragon and Mr. Raj and I exchanged e-mails and phone numbers. I think I am gonna make some good friends. I've learned a bit about Mr. Raj's family history - his family lived in Shri Lanka and later Portugal as slaves. I am not sure I remember everything he said about how his family moved from one part of the world to another, but he said he is into real estate as a profession.

Anyway... I put on my second stripe on my white sash and talked to one of the instructors about signing up for videos on-line. Turns out you can't just sign up to white dragon channel, they have to do the honors in person. Overall, I feel pretty good about myself. Ate some cottage cheese with honey just now, on Sunday morning, and about to leave home with my family to go to La Jolla for most of the day.

P.S. It's just me and my Dad here in La Jolla. I nearly forgot, Asya gave birth to a baby boy two days ago! Congratulations!

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