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Jiujitsu training

Today at the gym I pulled off some good sweeps from closed guard and got complemented about it by the instructor. I definitely wanna avoid bad feelings, though. So that's why after a scissor sweep to mounted triangle finish I let the guy (he was a bit younger than me) take my back. Once he was on my back I thought I could get him off easily, but got choked. I still feel pretty good. Never-the-less, there are still White Dragon

members for whom getting me in a sub is still ahead. I also showed one teenager how to get me in an ankle lock. He moves well, but didn't know the set up. Asya, Sonya's Mom, is giving birth soon. Her husband is flying in. I may have to postpone my training today and or tomorrow to go see the baby.

The artist I asked to do illustrations is unavailable for the coming two-three months. Still he said he wanted to be a part of the project. What I have to do now is write and look forward to the time it will all pay off.

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