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My Dad got a new job right after his contract ended. He thanks God for his help. For me it meant staying at the parents home and getting a paid account at, because now my parents had the money to pay for it. Out of Diamond, Platinum, or Gold, I got a Gold account, which was the cheapest. The rest is whether I am up to the task of becoming a Grandmaster, by putting in sufficient studying. I have a book, called "The Complete Chess Course", by Fred Reinfelld. The problem is setting up the positions from the textbook on an actual chessboard, because the notation used in the book is kind of advanced. I hope it takes me less than ten years. I think improving my chess-playing skills will improve my BJJ, too. Also, yesterday I performed my regular duties as a writer, and typed up two pages! My parents seemed to like it, because a) it's sincere b) masterful, but Dad said I shouldn't use real people's names. I think he is right and I'm so glad my muse is with me.

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