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Yesterday's Kung Fu and Kicking classes took their toll, it's now 12:48 of the next day and I am still lying on the floor in my sleeping bag. But I think I am starting to get the hang of the downward block and keeping my eyes on my opponent, even when he is behind me. The opponent behind me is the instructor with the shield-pad, of course, I am not doing any striking sparring yet - gotta wait for my yellow sash and to get in shape.

Today, my Dad, my Mom, and I are supposed to meet with my Dad's former co-worker and her daughter, and her adult daughter's little girl. They are all nice people; we had a good time eating and talking about Daniel Andreev's Rose Of The World. Well, my Dad did most of the talking, everyone else listened. The kid is pretty damned smart, that's all I've got to say. Last we met, I suggested she watch Fairy Tail. She asked, is it scary? Because she can't watch scary movies. I said a little bit. She didn't believe me and turned on Mulan. Then we constructed a puzzle together which showed a couple of horses drinking from the stream against a bushy background.

I look forward to meeting her family again, today.

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