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A day of technical rolling

I had a training hour during which no one got hurt. I feel over the Moon about it, so excited, feeling like a beginner. It's ironic that the best jiujitsu coaching happens at a Kung Fu school. No one was submitted, nobody tapped to me and I didn't tap either. I'm so used to rolling hard and life or death struggle for survival with my former coaches and having a target on my back as the best student that rolling without using attributes like speed and power felt exceptionally refreshing. The Instructor explained, that submissions should be put on like the other person doesn't know what the move is, so that they have time to tap and don't panic. I allowed my guard to be passed to positions like side control or mount and even let my back be taken from the turtle. I've also pulled off a few sweeps from guard and halfguard based on anything but speed and power. When I got a top position I intentionally got sloppy enough so that the somewhat inexperienced training partners could get on top. I feel ssoooo goood, really happy with myself. I hope I can roll like this again.

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